The Radical Experiment is a year-long commitment to five specific challenges:

  • To pray for the entire world
  • To read through the entire Word
  • To commit our lives to multiplying community
  • To sacrifice our money for a specific purpose
  • To give our time in another context

Pray for the entire world

Using the resources provided by Operation World, pray together for the entire world over the course of a year.

Read through the entire Word

Using a chronological Bible Reading plan, read through the entire Bible. This site will provide a Bible Reading Plan and scripture memory for each week. (Additional Bible Reading Plans are listed on the Resource page of this site).

Commit your life to multiplying community

Commit yourself wholeheartedly to the local church. But even deeper than that, commit yourself to a small group that is intentionally sharing, showing, and teaching the Word while serving the world together.

Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose

For the next year, look at all of your expenses as a church, as individuals and as families through the lens of specific need in the world. Work to set a cap on your lifestyle so that you can free up as much of your resources as possible for the sake of the glory of Christ in His church, among the lost, and among the poor.

Spend your time in another context

As you are making disciples in your community, commit, as individuals and families, to give 2% (one week) of your time in Gospel ministry outside of your community for the sake of God’s glory in all the world.