Mackenzie 's Story

May 3rd, 2016

Today I just finished reading the book Radical. I plan on reading the entire bible in a year. I grew having my mom taking me and sister to church. I accepted Jesus at a young age. In 2011 I was mad at God and decided to walk away from God I realized in October of 2015 that I just couldn't do it anymore myself. In December of 2015 I decided to go back to church with my stepmom and we were visiting many different churches. She decided to stay at one particular church. My mom started asking go find a church and see where your friends go so I did and found where my friend Monica goes so I did. The day before which was January 9th, 2016 I rededicated my life to God. I will celebrate four months back with God on the 9th of May. I started going to this Church called Praise Chapel Azusa (PCA). Last month, I started Discipleship class and where I received your book radical and absolutely loved it from chapter 1 it is very encouraging and have been asking what God wants me to do with my life to support the great mission and I am learning to wait on God because He is faithful, and that was something I really struggled with in my teens but at 21 I think it is worth it when God is so faithful and loving. He is the Great Physician after all and can hear any heart problem has my Pastor said on Sunday. God has officially healed me from the heart problem I was facing since July of 2015. May God Always be with you.

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