Bill And Jeannie 's Story

August 20th, 2016

We read Radical 5 years ago. Jeannie started reading and listening to the entire Bible but I would fall asleep often when she did but she persisted for the better part of a year. We committed to re-read Radical 3 years ago and it was during this time that we felt we should downsize, sell stuff, lead our small group, support two little girls overseas and pray each day for our nation. So we started praying for each member of the 113th congress starting with Alaska. We read about their personal lives and families, religion or lack thereof, their voting records. It grew to be a chore committing to this, but we did it. We also prayed for each member of the Supreme Court and the President and VP and families. After the year of doing this, we began to pray daily for the world one nation at a time. This was a joy! At the end of that year we found ourselves heading to serve for a month in East Asia with a missions-focused teaching org that reached 55 different people groups. When we returned we initiated Prayers Around the World over Zoom, a videoconferencing platform that connected fellow servants around the world to pray. We also initiated English Club Zoom with our former Asian adult students. Then we were suddenly called back to serve as English teachers there for 5 months the week after Jeannie retired as an executive nurse. I taught English, by using the Bible, to students whose desire was to serve as interpreters in churches in their hometowns. Jeannie taught university students who were also very interested in hearing her thoughts on abortion, politics and morality. In the past year, our small group multiplied 3 times. We are house-sitting at the moment waiting for next steps from the Lord. We still have a car but not much else. People have been gracious to us. We just finished reading Radical Together and are excited to see what's next.

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