Elizabeth 's Story

November 19th, 2017

Five months ago, I died. Died to myself, to live in Christ, when I finally heard His invitation. I was overwhelmed by my sins, amazed by God’s grace and forgiveness, and astonished that He would use someone like me to be a Kingdom worker. My heart was transformed, and I was filled with His Holy Spirit. It started with my husband, a pastor, bringing me the book Radical. He told me that he feared that he was leading people to hell and wasting his life. Of course, I thought that was crazy talk - after all we are in the ministry. As soon as he left, I got on google and looked up “midlife crisis.” According to Google, my husband is too young for a midlife crisis. So, I began to read Radical so I could understand what my husband was talking about. I didn’t get very far in Radical before I knew that David Platt was right. He was talking directly to me. I was worshiping a Jesus that was created by our culture and following religious rules. I was a hypocrite and Pharisee. It felt like I was punched in the face, and my world was turned upside down. I thought I was doing everything right. After all I was a pastor’s wife, read the Bible, prayed, did devotionals, went to Bible study, gave over our tithe, supported an orphan overseas, helped with activities at church, and I was very good at being “good.” But I lacked a changed heart and the Spirit. Radical used Scripture that opened my eyes to the enormity of my sin. My lifestyle and priorities horrified me. The grace and forgiveness offered me was amazing. God’s conviction compelled me to repentance. I surrendered to Jesus’ call. I went to my husband and said our lives have to change. We looked at God’s possessions and resources that we are entrusted with, and began to consider how can we use them to bless others. We also started looking at how we could get out from debts that were keeping us from furthering God’s kingdom. We are selling our home, we gave away clothes, sold furniture and electronics, gave up spending habits and most TV and movies and expensive vacations. We started supporting two missionaries. We were able to bless refugees, and we felt led to sponsor 13 children with Compassion International. It is such a privilege to bless others around the world, and to share with them the love of God. My husband and I felt led to become foster parents, and thankfully we just finished all the requirements and training, and we should be getting kids any day now. We continue to pray that God will show us what else we need to give away or get rid of to further His kingdom, and to bring Him glory. God has given us many opportunities to share what He is doing in our lives with family, friends, acquaintances, and random people over the past few months. We were also able to share with our church what God is doing in our lives. We pray daily that God will give us more opportunities to share what He has revealed to us, and is daily doing in our lives. Unfortunately, in some cases, the response has not been what we were hoping; but we know what God will use our faithfulness and obedience for His glory. Most (family, friends, close friends, and church members) do not approve of what we are doing, and openly confront, disagree, or even shun us. If it means we lose family members, if we lose friends, and even if my husband loses his job as pastor for preaching the gospel found in the Bible, we refuse to return to our self-centered lives, seeking our desires and comforts more than the will of God found in Christ. We know that we need to be refined, that persecution is to be expected for a Christian, and that what we are facing is nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters across the world are facing for their commitment to Christ. So I finished reading Radical and gladly accepted the Radical experiment challenge. My husband and I will finish reading through the Bible in a couple of weeks. It has been such a comfort and has deepened my relationship with the Lord in ways I never could have imagined. It has given me more assurance in what I believe, and it has helped so much when talk about my faith. We have been praying through the world, and each day we ask God if this country is the one that He may call us to full time missions. Spending time in the Word and in prayer is a necessity in my life. It literally is the first and last thing on my mind. I have no idea how I tried to live life on my own, and I fully realize now my desperate need for God. The way we spend our money is completely different as stated above. We are trying to make disciples by sharing with everyone and anyone that God places in our path. Sadly very few in our church believe this way or desire anything more than hollow religion. But it has only been 6 months, and we firmly believe God can do anything. Our prayer is for a remnant to see the truth, and respond to the Spirit. Thank you so much David Platt for your faithfulness to our great Savior. Thank you for your willingness to be used by the Holy Spirit to write Radical. Thank you for saying the hard truths that needed to be said, even though I’m sure it was uncomfortable at times and perhaps many were offended. Thank you for loving people enough to say the things you say and for preaching the true Gospel of the Bible. I am eternally grateful that God guided you to write Radical, and that He used it to transform me from a shy, selfish, materialistic sinner, into a confident daughter of the King. I am so excited to finally be looking more like Christ and less like me; it is getting to the point where I now barely recognize the person He is transforming me in to.

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