Paul K. 's Story

January 27th, 2019

Dear Dr. Platt, Although this message holds no where near as much weight or radicalism as other messages, I simply wanted to send encouragement about the truths written in "Radical" and their impact on me as a reader. Currently I am a freshman in university. I've been blessed to be born in a christian household with very faithful parents. Of course, my parents being christian does not grant me salvation or make me a true believer of Christ in any way. I can confidently say that I did not personally know Christ for the entirety of my life. Under the pretense of a christian, my heart reflected the desires of a nonbeliever. Coming to university, God began changing my heart, which began to shy away from carnal desires and began seeking Christ. Not to be misunderstood, I didn't immediately start intensely living for the kingdom of God, but I simply began desiring more in my walk of faith. God has been guiding me slowly by providing peers who seek God's heart, a community group where I can be real with myself, God and others, and a church where the Holy Spirit plays an active role in. Currently I'm being discipled in the knowledge of the Word and the applications of it in my life. But none of these things truly propelled me further in my walk of faith. Not until I heard a message about discipleship. The messenger spoke of Satan's active role in letting christians stay silent about their faith and preventing christians from sharing the gospel. I was quite shaken that God's plan for me did not simply revolve around me attending church or bible study, or reading his Word, but included going out and actively sharing the gospel. This was a terrifying idea to me because I felt largely inadequate. But here's the catch: Satan uses your inadequacy to silence you, but God uses your inadequacy to embolden you and glorify him through you. Now my heart was in a better place. I felt impelled to go out and evangelize, and so I did. God uses my little steps of action to make larger steps in my faith. I believed that I was at a good place with Christ. But then I came across your book, and this book has changed my whole world. I don't carry my belief with the same superficiality that I had previously; I hold this belief heavily, because it is truly radical. Never have I felt more desperate and more terrified for the people of this world. I'm almost panicked thinking of the multitude of people dying every second not only physically but spiritually, eternally separated from the Father. I'm greatly distressed and ashamed of the complacency that I exhibited my entire life. But I am comforted knowing that God forgives me because of Jesus. And I am comforted knowing that when I ask Him for the sake of his glorification, God will provide all the resources of heaven to me. All I need now is greater faith in Christ who empowers me, and the Holy Spirit to be with me and guide me. I don't know if I'm adequate to lead anyone, but what I do know is that I am willing to simply say yes. I forgot to mention; the one year challenge suggested at the end of the book? I accept that challenge, and you all will find out how it went in 2020. I find it quite amusing that I've grown more spiritually in the couple of hours that I spent reading this book than I have throughout the majority of my life. I'm discovering more and more how marvelous our God truly is. I know this was long and unorganized, and I apologize for my shortcomings in writing and for rambling on, but if you made it to the end, thank you for reading. I hope this was an encouragement to even one person, whomever it may be. I pray for your faith and wellbeing, and may God bless you! -Paul K. 18

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