Lori 's Story

February 15th, 2019

God has been waking me up over the last couple of years; I have become a “sermon junkie”. . . listening to Tim Keller and Francis Chan totally changed my life. Participating in The Radical Experiment is, I think, the next step God is leading me to, and I am excited to take this series of steps of faith and see where God leads me! My first “baby step” is to get back to a discipline that I was doing earlier this year but abandoned, and that is to go through each day without buying unnecessary food, and at the end of the day send a donation to an organization such as Children’s Hunger Fund. This is my 2nd day, and I am truly finding joy each day as I deny my desire for a coke or a Chipotle meal and instead bless others. This weekend I plan to go through my budget and figure out things that I can cut back on. And please pray that God will move in the heart of my husband to join me on some kind of mission trip this year; we rarely take vacations but decided that we will this year. I’m trying to convince him to use that week for ministry, instead. Thank you, David. May more of us wake up.

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