Darin C. 's Story

February 15th, 2019

Wow! I just read Radical Together this morning. There have been few books that I've read in one sitting, but this one just got added to the list. I had skimmed it earlier and decided to have our elders read it together, and hopefully it impacts them as it did me. I lead a small church in rural Iowa that I planted 9 years ago. We have seen God move in some amazing ways. But this book has helped me realize the importance of getting back to the centrality of God's Word and the 'fundamental' need of prayer. I hope to start "asking some questions" of our leadership and church that cause us to think about how we're making disciples. David, your section on snakes in Sudan had me laughing! I went on two trips with Dr. Bob Claytor and Mustard Seed International to help build a medical clinic in Akot, Sudan. Kind of a long story, but on my second trip one night, right after scaring a friend with a rubber snake in his cot, I walked to the outhouse in the dark, opened the door and had a green mamba drop at my feet from the thatch roof and started coming at me. Fortunately, by God's grace, I was fine and the snake met his doom. But a split second more and that snake would've been around my neck and I'd been like the cows in your story (a 4 hour flight back to Kenya). I often think about that incident and the lives that wouldn't have been changed through our church if I wasn't around to start it. But your comments at the end of chapter 6 hit home for me. I'm a nobody. God could've started our church without me. But, "God does not involve us in his grand, global purpose because he needs us. He involves us in his grand, global purpose because he loves us." Thank you for writing this book!

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