Britt 's Story

November 7th, 2019

Whelp, nearly ten years after I first read this book, I found so much passion and fire again from finishing re-reading it today! It just so happens that we plan to leave in a year from now on a grand journey- driving from the PNW down to South America. God has already been stirring my heart for the dreams and purposes he has for us on this trip, but I feel that the timing of the Radical Experiment came at an instrumental moment of a year long preparation towards only what God knows he will draw us to. Ten years later and I'm stoked for bible reading plans and Operation World apps to hold me accountable for reading the word and praying for the world! I'm stoked to be on the lookout for opportunities to give sacrificially as we save more money than we ever have before (yikes) - Jesus help us know your wisdom in the tension of planning and sacrificing! I'm curious to see what the 2% will be this year - in light of the 98% next year, and how God will use that time to impact the overall story he is writing through us. And I'm stoked to invest in this community that I know we will soon be leaving - Jesus, use them to grow us and ask of us the hard questions, and may we bring an encouragement and passion for radical risk in the name of the gospel like never before! May we all surrender, abide, and rest in the craziness of Jesus' leadership. Thank you David for your obedience in you call to write. It is still having a ripple effect a decade later - and I am certain, for decades more to come! Stoked for what God is doing in your family's life! All around I'm just feeling pretty stoked. haha

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