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On this site we want to feature stories from people who have committed to be a part of the Radical Experiment. Testimonies of individuals and families who are implementing the Radical Experiment in a variety of different ways, sacrificing what they can for the sake of urgent spiritual and physical need here and around the world. Stories could be small and simple or big and life-changing... We want to hear them all!

  • Michael's Story

    July 15th, 2015

    So I grew up in church with strong Christian parents. But in junior and high school, I had some ups and downs in my walk with the Lord. I would attend church for a few months more

  • William's Story

    June 17th, 2015

    I was thirteen years old when I read this book and it has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Before I got saved I struggled with depression, really bad depremore

  • Sarai's Story

    May 16th, 2015

    I Just finish the book and I have a conclusion, all I want to do is breath the gospel. I'm a med student. I see people die every day, and I have been wasting my time worrying more

  • Ryan's Story

    March 25th, 2015

    First I just want to thank you for being obedient in Gods calling on your life and writing this book. It was one of the first books I read as a Christian. Once I opened the bomore

  • Angel's Story

    February 27th, 2015

    Blessings. It has been a difficult process in my life, I just read the book and has impacted my life so now I'm restless, I want to do more than just attend a Sunday weekday wmore